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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 11
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Simba was diagnosed at one year of age with Megaesophagus. It was so severe that we knew we were on borrowed time with this little boy! Every day we would have to mix his dog food in a blender and then stir in hot water to make an oatmeal consistency and spoon feed Simba. After going through many blenders over the years my friend introduced me to The Honest Kitchen! This has been such a miracle for our family! The food is ready to go and only needs hot water to spoon feed. Simba has been on The Honest Kitchen for over 4 years and rarely gets ill or has side affects. We are so thankful for The Honest Kitchen! Chris in concierge has been a huge blessing for our family as well. The money you spend on this product is well worth it! We thank you and so does our Simba!
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