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Sir Reginald's Rufus Braveheart (Rufus)

Old English Sheepdog — Age 9
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Rufus in his chair.
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Mopsey and Rufus warming my bed for me.
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Mopsey in her chair.
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Mop & Ruf in park, autumn.
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My beauties, Mopsey and Rufus.
Our veterinarian at the Animal Medical Center in New York recommended THK for Rufus as part of a treatment plan for his sensitivities. If you did not know, Sheepdogs are extremely intelligent and extremely sensitive. If you look at them sideways, they get diarrhea. I took the sample of THK, mixed it, looked at it and thought, Rufus will never eat this, it's green. I smelled it, it had no aroma. Then I tasted it, as it is human grade. It tasted like cardboard. I figured Rufus will never eat this.

Rufus loves the stuff! He is a fussy, fussy eater and has turned his nose up at cold cuts, but he loves THK. He gets Love (Rufus gets lots of love) and Embark. Here is a part of the review that you will likely not find in other reviews: Since he has been eating THK, and he is about through 10# of Love and 10# of Embark, since he has been on THK his stools have been well formed and healthy! He does make more of them, but there is a lot of very good stuff in THK.

We lost Ruffie's half sister Mopsey on 28 January at 11.5 years of age, after she had valiantly fought cancer for 14 months. I cannot help but wonder if I had been feeding them both THK for a longer time, would Mop still be here? (You can see her at the memorial site made for her: htto://
I honestly think the joy and minimized sensitivity Ruffie gets from eating THK has helped him with the healing of the loss of our beautiful girl, Sir Reginald's Mopsey Bopeep; she was so beautiful, right up to the end.
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