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German Shepherd — Age 8
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Siren, CGC, CD RAE2
Siren has had issues with canned wet food and dry food, sometimes behaving as though she was bloating but wasn't. A vet in Maine where we stay on vacation educated me on how allergies come together in dogs and what to do about food. I had never eliminated the problem, only made it less often in my searching. Since changing to Honest Kitchen Siren had been fabulous, no further painful gassy screaming stomach. You could hear bowel sounds from across a room. Now she's just happy, energetic at age 8 and healthier. I love knowing the ingredient list and actually understanding it. The food we eliminated had Carrageenan in it. It isn't recommended that humans eat it, so there you go.
I thought she had a fish allergy but since switching to your food we can feed Siren your fish and our homemade fish which used to give her the trots. Her intestines must be calm now and she can tolerate it well.
Thank you for your quality and honesty!!
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