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Labrador Retriever — Age 5
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Who me?Ohhh just taking in the coastal air during low tide.The beach is close!!
I am so happy I found Honest Kitchen, and so is Skylar! Everyday I am amazed by the changes in my girl since switching to HK a month ago. First, I have to recognize the outstanding employees that work at HK.I spent a week emailing them back and forth and they are super friendly, extremely knowledgeable and so helpful. Skylar has eaten what I thought to be high quality food since she was rescued as a puppy, but it was all just another super processed kibble with expensive, limited ingredients.She always had issues with shedding and more recently her digestion was iffy and not consistent, she was often constipated and she wouldn't eat regularly.She started to display some concerning behavior as she was sometimes lethargic, refrained from drinking water and started to eat soil/grass.I found out this was due to her trying to find missing nutrients in the soil and to aid in digestion.I tried duck protein instead of salmon and even cooked for her but her issues became more frequent and it alarmed me that she seemed physically uncomfortable and her quality of life was not as it should be.She wound up having crystals in her urine (struvite).Thank goodness it was caught early and her vitals, organs and blood work were normal & healthy.Shockingly the vet "prescribed" her a disturbing lifelong diet of a dry kibble that was from a huge company which spends more money on marketing for their mass produced foods than on the quality of it.It reminded me of the pharmaceutical sales industry and although it wasn't actually a prescription food, it was carried by the Vet , super expensive and had questionable ingredients. That's was when I started doing different research on food options.Knowing that what is ingested is directly correlated to health I could not willingly feed my best girl GMO's, chemicals and overly processed kibble. I feel like going that route would be the equivalent of having someone feed me BigMacs for every meal for the rest of my life.The health issues from that diet and the poor quality of life that would follow was not an option I could in good consciousness, justify.Thankfully we didn't have to settle and HK was recommended to me. I chose Verve as her first brand,mainly because I am allergic to honey which is in most of the HK dog foods. The learning curve with mixing the food was my fault as I have been sadly used to the automatic behavior of 1-step scooping dry food into a bowl. So hard and unappetizing! I now look forward to serving Skylar her meals, though probably not as much as her! I love mixing it and it feels so good to see how much she enjoys it! The process has been a daily reminder of how food can cause or prevent health issues. Skylar is back to being carefree, healthy and happy! Within the first few days she had energy like she was a puppy again. I can barely fathom there was a time when she would skip meals.Apparently she doesn't even have food allergies!She eats grain and beef (Verve) with zero problems.Her coat is shiny and her shedding has decreased dramatically.Parents of the dogs that she has played with for years have noticed the changes in her demeanor and energy.I have gotten to recommend HK when they bring up her shiny coat and playful attitude.I am so grateful that this option is available for Skylar and she has the chance to live a long and healthy life with me again!I wish that animal nutrition was reeducated to Vets and the public.Sadly, due to the way nutritional information is misleading and pet food is marketed I get overwhelmed on-line and would not have found HK if it were not from word of mouth.I can not praise this company enough.Thank you!!!
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