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Siberian Husky — Age 2
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Sochi the fussy eater
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Miss Sochi
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Miss Sochi after dinner
Sochi was a very fine Siberian Husky. I have had sled dogs since my father came back from WWII. He had one to help him carry wounded and deceased off the battlefield. Sochi was my first fussy eater. I cooked everything to encourage her to eat. My holistic vet said it was common not to eat daily. I did not think this was good for her. She was thin for a "Husky" dog. i felt her appetite should be better after hiking daily. Which is where "the honest kitchen" comes into the story. from the moment I opened the box she eagerly smelled everything I purchased and she eat well tonight! One of her favorites was the Beams, the pure Icelandic Catfish Skin Sticks. her digestion never agreed with the run of the mill dog chews. But fish is right up her alley. Thank you for helping Sochi get fish chews as this is sled dogs favorite food. You have a repeat customer.
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