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Other (dog) — Age 9
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sophie she s a 9 year old lab
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my cats love prawl
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my 12 year old collie healer. runs/walks 2 miles a day with me, and keeps up.
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I went off to college. In the winter, I left my two puppies and sophie at my parents house. I came home in the spring and my black lab Sophie weighed 143lb. So I moved home, I figured out my mom was feeding Benefit and was feeding the dog out of a water cup, not a measuring cup. two a day per dog. and my puppies didnt eat all theirs. so Sophie was eatting about 6 water cups a day. I found Honest Kitchen Zeal. now Sophie is down to 102lb in about a year. she looks wonderful. now all four of my dogs are on Love, Zeal and kitties are also on prawl. and they all love it. no more ear infections, flaky skin, or blowing out coats I love Honest Kitchen. I wish they made it for peopel cause I would eat it myself.
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