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Spencer Peebody

Manchester Terrier — Age 10
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The look of guilt.
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"I can't see me loving nobody but happy together."
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Lucille is the food lotto winner by association

Mr. Spencer Peebody stole my heart in May 2013. He was 9 years old and I scooped him up from the shelter after seeing his photo. Being that Spencer (Ty is his former name but he's way too sophisticated for that name) had a very similar personality to my 12 year old Rat Terrier named Lucille, I knew instantly that we were now family. Once I got him home I started discovering new issues that the shelter didn't know about; one being that he is deaf (which broke my heart that no one knew) and another being he has a very sensitive stomach. After trying SEVERAL different foods and coming to the conclusion that making homemade chicken, rice, green beans and pumpkin for them to eat was my future, I discovered Honest Kitchen. Thank you for making a great food that made the belly pain, noises and messy stools go away with giving the added bonus of amazingly soft coats on both dogs (I can't feed one this delicious bounty without feeding it to the other).

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