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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 0
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Stubby we miss you.

Last year we had to have "my little boy" Stubby put down. He had feline leukemia.

We had some neighbors whose house burned down. They left, did not rebuild.
About 1-2 years later we noticed a black and white cat cross our back yard. He had a short tail. I assumed the people who lost the house, thought they lost their cat too. Stubby was a neutered. So he was not feral, or street cat. We began feeding him. Brought him into our home and loved him, too much? Never. I took him to our vet we had before with other pets. She gave him basic vaccinations. He had fleas, ear mites, torn toenails and infections. I took home flea product. It was puzzling he would not use the litter boxes. He always let us know when he wanted to go out. And he still wanted to stay out all night, he always got a beating because he was smaller than the other cats out prowling. I recall an amazing thing one day when I was outside and he wanted food, he was inside. And he made an attempt to do the come here motion humans do with our fingers. He studied his paw and arm a minute. Then made the motion, sort of. I came in so he would know he could use it again. I cannot say enough about Stubby. He was the first cat I have ever had. As I think back now tears streaming. I think of how he lived before we took him in, afraid, confused, huddled in a hollow tree in our wicked Michigan winters.
To see him sick, and choose for him life or death. I miss him. That's all I can say now.

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