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Australian Cattle Dog — Age 4
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My husband and I adopted Tacoma knowing that he was totally deaf. I found him online on some adoption website, and I totally fell in love with him. So I contacted the rescue for a meet and they agreed. They had told me that he was rescued from a high-kill shelter and that he was totally deaf, and that's all they knew about him.

I knew he was the one. Like how Lilo finds Stitch.
So the first 6 months were pretty hard. Cattle dogs are pretty stubborn and headstrong, but a deaf one? He's too smart for his own good.
But I wouldn't trade Tacoma for the world.

Well.. literally every kind of dog food, from Beneful to Blue Buffalo, makes Tacoma sick (diarrhea and gas). Naturally, I started wondering if he had a gluten allergy.
One weekend, my husband and I were vacationing in Tahoe, and of course we had our little cattle dog with us.. We happened to stumble upon this little pet food store, and The Honest Kitchen's box caught my eye. I had NEVER seen dehydrated dog food before, maybe I'm sheltered, but I was pretty fascinated. And the lady who owned the store just raved about it, she said it was the best dog food she'd ever used.
The one thing she said that stuck with me was, "I feed my dog LOVE."

So we bought a box... And well.. he loved it! And he stopped getting sick!
It was an overnight transformation. And we were so happy (and so was Tacoma) that we haven't looked back since. Turns out he wasn't allergic to gluten, he was just allergic to poorly made dog "food".

Thank you, The Honest Kitchen!

P.S. Please bring back the zippered bags!

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