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Chihuahua — Age 8
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Taylor's blanket nest
Taylor will be 9 in December 2016. I started feeding her The Honest Kitchen in 2008, before her first birthday. At the time I found THK I was desperate to find something to help her with severe skin issues. I knew something was wrong and she shouldn't be dealing with hair loss and severe itchiness as a little puppy. Her vet tried some medications but I set out to learn about what she was eating. I didn't know a lot about the pet food industry but I was aware of the huge pet food recall of 2007 and I was concerned that her food could be the source of her problems. I tried just about every name brand food on the market that claimed to be good for your pets but nothing worked. I learned that some dogs could be sensitive to grains so I set out to find a grain free food. I came across THK by doing an internet search and immediately ordered some samples. Taylor LOVED the food. I started noticing that her skin had improved and my chubby puppy was looking healthier than ever. I have never gone back to another food and now Taylor and her fur sister Lucy both eat Force. They both wait with excitement while their food is "cooking" and when the timer goes off, they let out cries of joy! I couldn't be happier with THK and I always say that they eat better than I do. Over the years I have recommended THK to many pet parents, some with dogs that are dealing with severe illnesses, and everyone that tries it notices a difference in their pets. I love THK and any pet of mine will always eat this food. Thank you for an amazing product that works and I TRUST!!!
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