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Collie — Age 11
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Our lovely girl, Taylor
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Lovely Taylor
Taylor has become a picky eater. We feed Verus with a small amount of Honest Kitchen Embark on top, but she no longer would eat much of her food (our two younger Collies love it) We tried everything to entice her- wild caught cod, steak, fresh roasted chicken etc. We lost her brother in October and she went off her feed and would only eat her meals at times. She would eat her favorite treats. This is a worry, not complete nutrition. This bad eating has caused diarrhea. We had her to the vet twice for this issue but there was no help or resolution. All the tests showed nothing wrong and she plays with the younger Collies and seems herself otherwise. We got the Proper Topper last week and she eats most everything with it! She seems to love it! I have to hand feed her sometimes. Even though she is finicky and changes her mind a lot, we are still very hopeful she will keep eating right with this product. I also ordered the Perfect Form supplement. Hopefully she will still eat her food with that on it. The Proper Topper is going to help!!!! She actually comes in the kitchen an waits while
the food is being prepared now.
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