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Tchoupitoulas (Choppie)

Bulldog — Age 4
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Choppie ready to celebrate Mardi Gras!
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Choppie came to live with us at 10 months old through a bulldog rescue. While he was sweet, he was also scared and in pain. His previous "owners" neglected and abandoned him. At only 10-months, he had nearly calcified and closed ear canals from constant ear infections. A traditional vet wanted to conduct surgery to remove the canals and make him deaf.

We can only guess the infections were a result of improper feeding, plus the neglect. We visited a wonderful holistic vet who conducted allergy testing and we discovered he is basically allergic to every protein, but least of all beef.

With care, frequent ear cleanings and his new Honest Kitchen food, Choppie is much better and can hear a cheese wrapper open from the second floor. He has not been seen for an ear infection for quite some time and without the extra starch, we have little to know yeast in his facial folds. We never have an issue with his white fur staying white or with "dog smell." In fact, he only gets a bath a few times per year.

As I volunteer with his rescue and interview potential bulldog parents, I am always suggesting the Honest Kitchen as a great diet for bulldogs!
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