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Chihuahua — Age 6
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Thank you honestkitchen
Tekila was a rescue from mexico at 4 months old he came into my life he was aggresive with food but still loving but he had trust issues you couldn't touch him if he was eating little by little he stared to trust me a few wks into it I noticed his tongue hanging out I rushed him to the vet his tongue grew to long for his mouth the vet wanted to do surgery I did not want to put him through that pain from that moment I became his mom reading everything I could to learn about what to do for him as he got older his teeth started to fall out not to mention he has allergies ,skin sensitivy,I have tried many different foods over the yrs and we been using honest kitchen for 2 wks now I was desperate to try anything after he developed a allergy to his holistic food having dirreahea and vommitting now his poop is normal and he waits for me to cook for them and they finish it all they seem to stay fuller too thank you honest kitchen
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