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Mixed Breed (cat) — Age 7
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Timothy, the Siamese Mix who has Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI).
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Before diagnosis, medical treatments and diet changes, he was a very skinny cat.
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After, with prescription strength enzymes, B12, and THK Prowl.
My Siamese-mix cat, Timothy, has a condition called Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, or EPI. It is a condition that is more commonly seen in dogs and is only rarely diagnosed in cats. In a nutshell, Tim's pancreas doesn't produce the enzymes that his body needs to digest food. The EPI was probably caused by an acute case of pancreatitis, which damaged a significant portion of his pancreas irreparably. For the rest of his life, I will need to add enzymes to his food with each meal in order to allow his body to absorb nutrients, and also supplement his vitamin B12 with injections. Before his diagnosis, Tim had dropped to 5.2 lbs and was having loose stools all the time. He began putting a little bit of weight on when the enzymes were added to his old diet (a quality canned diet), but I wasn't satisfied with his weight gain (he had leveled off at 2 lbs below his healthy weight), and his stool quality was often still rather poor. I decided to try The Honest Kitchen Prowl, thinking that perhaps the dehydrated food would allow the enzymes to distribute more evenly and help them to work as they should, and that he might benefit from a food made with fewer additives. The change was almost immediate; he has soft stools only very rarely now, and he began gaining weight more quickly. In fact, he now weighs 11 lbs-- a little more than he weighed even before he became ill! I think we've hit on a plan that will work to manage his condition long-term, and his new food is a big part of that. Oh, and he LOVES the food.
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