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Shih Tzu — Age 9
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Toffee says:

"I have been on Orijen adult, regional red, as well as some other Acana brands by Champion pet foods". I always had light colored mushy and sometimes diarrhea stool that a vet told my mom I need to be on some kind of junk science diet prescription diet for rest of my life which of course my mom said no". So after trying different brands this Honest Kitchen preference seems to be a winner besides the Origen 6 fish, Acana lamb and apple, Acana Duck and barlet pear.

Me and my mom loves this because she can add broth and fresh meat to this which I find super delicious and never tasted any other dog food that tastes so good. My mom and I can finely share some food that is good fr both of us.

I love this as I get warm turkey broth with cooked turkey meat each night. It is so nice as its winter now.

My biological mom and dad who are Shih Tzus too, love this too.

I don't know it its our family or just the genetics of Shih Tzus, but it seems like we are prone to allergies and need to be hypoallergenic diets to keep allergies away.

This is one tasty healthy hypoallergenic diet that I highly recommend to my other Shih Tzu relatives as well as friends that have skin, ear allergies that is looking for a tasty and highly economical option.

Mom isn't sure if this is 100% balanced for us, so we still get to eat the other balanced brands such as origin fish kibble or Acana Lamb and Apple or the Acana Duck ad pear (like cereal) for breakfast. We also get to eat Ziwipeak here and there, but its super expensive and makes us fart a lot probably due to the letchithin in it, that is made from soy.

Anyhow, we have been on this preference with cooked turkey broth and meat - NO COOKED BONES for a month. We LOVE THIS! as our poop comes out perfectly and no more diarrhea or mushy light colored poop. Our poop is what is should be, brown and solid but not dry.

Paws crossed that this will continue to work for us, and we look forward to get some fresh herring added for next month for a change of taste.

Again, our mom loves this as its affordable for her tight budget wallet.

We are only between 15-23 lbs in weight, so each of us gets 1/4 cup of this preference for dinner with 1/4 cup of meat with warm broth. YUM.!!!

If you have allergies - like skin or ear allergies, I highly recommend you check this out and ask your mom or dad to add some (cooked) meat with this. It can be any meat that is on sale. OF COURSE not any meat that you allergic too - but if you aren't sure if you are allergic to any meat, just add one meat source at a time. We are allergic to beef and Chicken, so we get turkey and other meat sources which WE LOVE IT FRESH and cooked.

Our mom stocked up turkey during thanksgiving and also some herring during herring festival.

Maybe you can persuade your mom or dad to let you try this by adding whatever meat she or he can get on sale, its totally affordable, healthy and TASTY TOO!"
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