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Torie Mae & Ty Earl

Shih Tzu — Age 6
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My best buddies!! We love Honest Kitchen!
After watching a documentary on Netflix about the regulations and ingredients in what I thought to be great dog foods, I was horrified!!! After weeks of research we are thrilled to have found you! Everything is homemade and topped or mixed with one or more of your products. Skin has cleared up, no more itching and hot spots, joints seem to be stronger (my girl had front leg issues) Both were a tad overweight and not thrilled to take big walks of anything that required too much energy. After Just a couple weeks I noticed a change in their energy level, they actually were playing and running around instead of eating and curling up on the couch. Eyes are bright and smiling!! Just all around happy to finish their plate! Thank you for caring about our fur babies! If anyone wants to research, start with the doc Pet Fooled, it is pretty unbelievable that our pet companies we thought we could trust puts the ingredients they do (and it's NOT regulated!!!)
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