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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 0
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Tucker's Story
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I saved Tucker from a flea market when he was a sickly eight week old pup. He came to me full of fleas, intestinal parasites and had a back covered in scabs and bald patches from mange mites. After a few weekly visits to the vet to handle all the parasites he had, he was a healthy, happy, bouncy puppy full of life!

Tucker went through the next two years of his life eating what I had assumed all of my life was a great quality dog food, which wasn't, believe me. After my mother started feeding her beagle a higher-than-normal quality dry kibble, the learning spark was ignited. I began to research dog nutrition like it was going out of style. Tucker started to get higher quality kibbles, more nutritional treats, and no more harsh chemical flea/tick treatments.

The switch to raw was honestly a complete and total accident. I stumbled upon the idea by browsing through numerous YouTube videos on dog nutrition. I saw videos of dogs crunching through chicken legs and slurping down organs and thought to myself "Well, it's kind of gross, but hey, I'll give it a try".

The change was astounding. What started with a few chicken legs thrown in once or twice a week started turning into a week of only raw meals, which turned into a month, then two, then three of only raw meat. Tucker started to get a lustrous shine to his coat, his energy level soared, and he just seemed all-together happier.

After reading Dr. Karen Becker's "Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats: Simple Homemade Food", which I highly recommend, I realized that meat alone wasn't giving Tucker the "best" nutrition that he could have. I started making plans of buying a food processor to grind up all the veggies and fruits he needed by hand and mixing them with his meat and realized that doing all of that would cost me a fortune and take a LOT of time. By pure accident, again, I stumbled upon The Honest Kitchen and found their own version of mixed veggies and fruits: Preference! I immediately ordered a box and lo' and behold, Tucker fell in love.

Tucker now gets a wonderful mix of THK's Preference, three different raw proteins, sardines/salmon, whole eggs with the shell, an all-natural joint supplement, probiotics, krill oil, as well as an all-natural kidney/liver supplement.

I couldn't be happier with his overall wellness. Thank you, THK, for putting so much thought and love into all of your products (from start to finish!). You're definitely one of my favorite companies and absolutely one I would recommend for years to come!
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