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Dachshund — Age 8
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I got Tucker Jim at 7 weeks old. He literally fit into the palm of my hands and looked nothing like a doxie yet as he was just a tiny fluff ball. He quickly became my whole world and has grown into the most intelligent, funny, stubborn little boy I have ever met, and we wouldn't trade him for all the world. He was 100% healthy (albeit a bit chunky) until he turned 5 years old. He started having really bad skin problem, mostly "itchy paws". He would chew at his little feet til they bled. He refused to wear booties and would just pull socks off his feet. The canine dermatologist suggested a diet switch before resorting to invasive allergy testing.

At the time, we didn't know about Honest Kitchen and I just stopped giving him chicken and corn basically. However, his skin only improved a minimal amount and in the mean time, a worse fate came Tuck's way. I woke up one morning to Tucker stumbling like he was drunk and occasionally his back end would just flop over. We rushed to the vet (who, as luck would have it is one of SOCALs best ortho and spine surgeons) who rushed us to Orange County to have an MRI done. The MRI was bad to put it mildly - the disk between his vertebrae had burst through his spinal column and he was lucky to be walking at all. We were told to rush back to our regular vet (by this time it was 5PM on a Friday night) and that he was prepping for emergency surgery as we speak.

I have never been so distraught in my life. Tucker is truly my son (I never call him my "dog" to people). I had waited years to even get him fixed since I was so scared to put him under and now he was headed for very serious spinal surgery. Luckily, my doctor was amazing. Tucker had the surgery and stayed in the hospital one week. I went to feed him every day and he just looked at me in anger....until I brought seared filet, then he was my friend again!

Our doctor told me no stairs at all for Tuck and he HAD to lose some weight. I was frustrated but determined. We had had Tuck on a diet already for the skin issues for almost a year but he hadn't really lost any weight. I tried cutting portions and that didn't work either. One day post-surgery, I was talking to Tuck's groomer at Healthy Spot who also has a doxie. He couldn't say enough good about the gluten-free, grain-free Honest Kitchen foods and told me it helped his dog lose weight. My husband wasn't thrilled because of the price (we have three dogs total so feeding all three HK is pretty pricey) but we did it, and WOW - after just a month, his skin and hair was amazing! And after two months, the weight just started to fall off. We started with Tuck being almost 26 pounds....and he is a tweeny, so that's pretty fat! And now he goes between 15-16 pounds and looks amazing!! He goes on LONG walks now which he used to refuse to do, loves to play, has masses of energy, and zero skin problems to boot. My two other dogs (one other doxie and a border collie rescue) looks amazing as well. Even their hair got silkier and shiner and both lost a few pounds as well.

For our family, there's just no other food. I think the price point keeps a lot of people I tell about it from buying it, but I do sing the praises of this food to anyone who will listen! As I said before, Tucker is my child and I am beyond happy at the difference in him - I would do anything to keep that boy happy and healthy and I finally found a way to do that easily. Thanks HK!!!!
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