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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 0
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Shortly after I adopted Tucker 3+ years ago, he was rushed into an emergency splenectomy for an internal bleed coming from his spleen. Thankfully, it was not cancer and I was told Tucker had a long life ahead of him. Unfortunately, he soon developed a fainting disorder called syncope, which a vet found was due to high blood pressure, which also caused a heart problem called Mitral Valve disease. It took a while to get his fainting and blood pressure under control with medications, and soon after we did, a new problem started to emerge: Tucker was always constipated. Radiographs of his abdomen revealed an "S" shaped colon, likely due to the enlarged spleen re-shaping his colon by creating adhesions in the abdominal cavity. He was put on a stool softener, which really didn't help things until I switched him to Honest Kitchen. Just like that his GI problems became a thing of the past and he LOVES his Honest Kitchen food. He hasn't needed a dental cleaning much to my surprise since he doesn't have to chew the food, but I also give him chews periodically so that helps keep his teeth healthy. Overall I am very impressed with Honest Kitchen and if I could afford to feed it to all of my 6 pets, I definitely would!
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