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Mixed Breed (cat) — Age 3
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Tutti is my foster cat. As a kitten Tutti had bowel issues but they seemed to clear up and she was adopted. About 10 months later she was returned because she had skin issues which resulted in terrible infections. Poor Tutti looked awful, was ravenous all the time and was skinny with a bloated belly. Her bowel issues also came back, worse than they had ever been. She was just diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease which has been causing all of her problems. For over 2 years we have been trying to get all of Tutti's problems under control. About 3 months ago our rescue was given Honest Kitchen Prowl as a donation. I decided to try it for Tutti. Within two weeks Tutti was having normal bowel movements! She has started gaining weight and is not acting like she is starving all the time. She is becoming a happy cat again and her loving personality is starting to shine through.

Tutti did so well on Honest Kitchen we have started two more of our foster cats with bowel issues on it as well. They too have had a complete turn around and are acting like happy, healthy cats. Thank you Honest Kitchen.

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