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Shiba Inu — Age 5
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As a dog trainer, a dog's mental and physical well-being is always my top priority which both usually start with the food your pet eats. Unlike some other dog's, Twilight has never had any allergy or other medical issues, the only thing she has struggled with in recent years has been her weight, which since switching her to THK (Keen), I have seen a remarkable difference in her activity level which is exciting! She has been running around and has been much more alert and playful in the past few months since we have switched her off of her dry kibble! Speaking of which, her teeth have had far less plaque on them as well, which for me, I take great pride in her pearly whites! Even the vet has told us how beautiful her teeth are for her age! (: I've also noticed just how beautiful her coat is too! A few years ago, one of her harnesses completely wore down the fur on her back and I had given up on it ever recovering, but since switching in a matter of weeks, her coat is glossy and shiny again! Definitely recommending this to all of my future training classes. Twilight and I both thank you,THK!

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