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Ulee Thunderblt

Other (dog) — Age 8
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Ulee Thunderbolt is a happy boy
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Did I see a puddy tat?
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Ulee likes to sit on lawn chairs and get some sun when he's not chasing rabbits.
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Shhhhh....we're hunting wabbits!
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We like to go for rides and find rabbits to chase.
We rescued Ulee Thunderbolt when he was 5 years old. He had been left with some other dogs when a breeder passed from cancer, and her husband hated the dogs. The man would use a big stick to bang tables and scare the dogs. To this day, loud banging makes Ulee have anxiety attacks. He was fed dry dog food, but was never fed regularly. When we got him, he was ten pounds under weight. (30 lbs)

We began to feed him various types of Ultra dog food, and then tried some wet food - he really preferred wet food.

When we found out about Honest Kitchen, we decided to give it a try. He loves it so much that he waits by his bowl every day at feeding time, and paws at the bowl after it's finished.

He now weighs 45 lbs and he's really the best canine friend I've ever had.
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