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wee Biscuit

West Highland White Terrier — Age 12
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I'm predicting a very good year!
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Gaming anyone?
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All you need is LOVE!

Biscuit here, "wee Biscuit". I am a new found FOODIE, thanks to "the honest kitchen". Wasn't always that way though. At least twice monthly for most of my life, dinner would come back up around 3am. A real mess of a morning for all. We tried every brand, flavor, shape and size. Even a good soak on the kibble didn't help. All indigestible. Then came the allergies, common to my Scottish brethren. Several times a year I would break out with the icky spots. Combined with the 3 am upchucks, I was losing my luster fast. The family talked to many vets, and then our fav pet store recommended "the honest kitchen". Coming up on two years of delicious-ness. Those 3am upchucks? Gone! The spots, BAM! The honest kitchen is air licking good! (what my tongue does when dinner's mixing)
I predict a very good year. Thanks Honest Kitchen!

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