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Weezy started having symptoms of colitis or an immune disorder at about 1 1/2 years old. Her symptoms would completely disappear and return about every three to four months. It is a very messy thing, it is painful for the dog and very hard for the owner to watch/deal with.

I thought this could be caused by the food I was buying at the big box store so I upgraded to Blue Buffalo Wilderness. Since eating Blue Buffalo Weezy developed sturvite crystals in her urine. One more re-evaluation led me to consider a raw diet. However, I have three dogs to feed (50lbs, 60lbs, and 70lbs). Making sure my highly active dogs were getting what they needed from their food is important to me... but anyone who has prepared food fresh for a pack will tell you it is expensive to feed the quantity a large dog needs and you will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen preparing and finding a place to store this giant bowl of food in the fridge. Plus I don't always have time or eggshells to roast eggshells for my dogs.

My dogs have been eating The Honest Kitchen for one week. They love Embark without adding anything to it. I have been alternating Perfect Form and the instant goat's milk as a mix in during the transition and supplement beef bones. I am impressed with the fiber content and the fact that my timberwolf is okay with this food. It feels like A LOT of food that you give them with Embark but they like it. As soon as you sit the food down they eat all of it unlike kibble that will sit around all day. I think they also like that it is a little bit warm and I know they have gotten at least a few cups of water for the day. I also purchased Preference- Weezy is the only one that likes it unfortunately.

A 4lb box lasts us up to 3 days. For three dogs we will spend roughly $300 on this food in one month.

As far as Weezy goes, her condition may not be treatable. Thankfully- since being on Embark she has more energy, is quickly putting on weight she lost from her last bout of sickness has firm stools and overall has a great quality of life.

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