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Exotic — Age 6
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William visiting me at work at Animal Wellness Center in Augusta, Maine!
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Ahh relaxation!
I'm a Licensed Vet Tech and I took William home from the clinic where I did my internship. His previous owner wanted to put him down because the local shelter wouldn't take him for not using the litter box and she couldn't handle him going outside the box anymore. I knew of a rescue who rehabilitated exotic breeds so I talked the owner in to signing ownership over to me instead of putting him down. I had full intent to re-home him but I fell in love with him instead! He was extremely overweight at 16 pounds! He was eating very low quality dry food, I switched him to a high quality canned food and exercised him with a lot of play time! He blossomed into a handsome 11 pound friendly guy! Recently he had an episode of stomach inflammation and had an endoscopy that confirmed his stomach was irritated. We thought he maybe had a food allergy so I switched him from chicken to venison. On a whim I switched him to some Honest Kitchen Prowl samples I had in the cupboard and like magic he seemed to do much much better. I am now going with a new theory that he is sensitive to gluten instead of chicken! We are now in the process of moving to Italy where my husband is stationed in the air force so William will now be a world traveler eating Honest Kitchen!
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