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Poodle — Age 1
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Loving the snow at 5 months old
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waiting for me to throw the ball at 6 months old
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I got Willow, by standard poodle, from a reputable breeder when she was 5 months old. Shortly after, she started having chronic diarrhea that we couldn't settle down without medication. We tried diet switches, we tried probiotics, we dewormed her. Still, her stomach was not working properly. People were starting to suggest I give her back and get another dog, but I was already in love with her. I was so frustrated though, and every day her loose stool would return. We ran all kinds of tests, even one that had to be sent to Texas A&M to test her pancreas. All tests were inconclusive. The vet's only solution was metronidazole, which I soon learned could have scary side effects if a dog was on it for too long.

I was determined to find a natural solution. After three weeks she is still doing well and has not had a bout of diarrhea since. She seems so straightened out now that I can even skip a dose accidentally and she has no effects. She has been putting on weight and I'm not worried about her health anymore. She is a happy, silly girl.

UPDATE: Willow is still doing well at almost a year old.

Seriously-- THANK YOU!!! I cannot tell you how frustrating it was do go through this every day and not know how to fix it. It is affordable, too! Even better.

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