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Australian Shepherd — Age 3
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This is my story on how I was introduced to Honest Kitchen and why it saved Willow’s life.
I rescued Willow at 8 weeks. This August she will be 4. Willow is a border Collie/Austrian Shepherd mix…those ears though!<3! I was always very conscious of what I fed Willow. Being a vegetarian for 17 years and eating a diet free of GMOs and as Organic as possible, I knew it was important to feed Willow the same. Seriously though, Why wouldn’t we feed our dogs just as healthy of a nutritional diet than we feed ourselves. They are just as deserving. I was feeding her Fromm, switched to Wellness and then learned about the real facts of what’s in dog food.
To back up, my sister owns her own dog walking and holistic training business in Saratoga Springs, NY. She has been my biggest supporter throughout my journey with Willow and share’s her influence and knowledge of the field to help me give Willow the best life.
In 2015 my world turned upside down. Willow picked up a bacterial virus. To this day, I don’t know what caused this deadly disease, but in 24 hours I almost lost my world. Willow started to become lethargic, throwing up blood, and could barely stand up. I rushed her to my vet and they took her for 2 nights, hooked her up to hydration tubes, antibiotics, you name it. The amazing doctor’s and their team saved Willow. From that point on, I knew that I had to do a better job at controlling what’s in her diet and reducing her stress and anxiety levels. The virus can result again from poor immunity or obstruct stomach lining from stress, ect. With the advice from my sister and several hours of research I came upon Honest Kitchen and never looked back. Today, Willow is strong, balanced, fearless, empowered, her potential is limitless. I owe this transformation to Honest Kitchen for the love, nurture, consciousness, and truth they put in to each product. Thank you for creating food that enriches my dog’s life, that I trust will make her healthier, and a meal she she enjoys eating. Her gut is healed with love thanks to you.

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