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Calico — Age 6
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Willow is Crazy About Her Honest Kitchen Food
My daughter was pupsitting our two dogs and noticed that her little cat Willow loved the food the dogs have for dinner each night. (Honest Kitchen Revel Chicken Recipe) So as a way to make it up to Willow for putting up with the dog invasion, I ordered her a box of Honest Kitchen Prowl cat food. She is crazy about it and meows her head off as soon as you start preparing it. When the kids went away for the weekend, I catsat and saw the effects of your food on Willow in person. I made a bowl for her and left it on the counter to soften, then went in another room to water plants. When I came back in the kitchen, half the food had mysteriously disappeared from the bowl. Willow is trained not to get on counters, but the temptation proved to be too much for her. It's really reassuring to know how healthy the food is for her.
Thanks for making such a wholesome and good food for our pets!
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