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Golden Retriever — Age 6
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I'm so happy as long as I have a ball!
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Life is good
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Trick or treat
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Lacrosse balls are cool
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Thunderstorms are evil!
I had Wriley on Blue and on the recommended amount he was ALWAYS hungry and (I hate to say this) he would at his poop YUCK. If I increased his food he gained weight. When he hit 104 lbs , and the vet could find nothing medically wrong it worried me and I was. Looking for an alternative holistic food. After two weeks on Thrive Wriley has lost 5 lbs, no longer browses for poop and has no horrendous dog farts! It's WONDERFUL ! I'm recommending it to all my friends!

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the food. It'll be wonderful and much healthier to slim Wriley down. Less weight on those hips and a happy dog is my goal.

Thanks so much for a great product!
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