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Other (dog) — Age 5
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This is two weeks after Honest Kitchen was started - no oozing skin FINALLY
In 2014, one of my pups was stolen from my yard. Just before Xena's third birthday, early one Sunday morning, the fence was broken down and Xena disappearred without a trace. Knocking on doors, leaving flyers, nothing. I was asked if she was black and white to which I replied, no and left. Xena was basically non-descript white pup - Coton De Tulear - and approximately 11 pounds. When Xena was found 8 weeks, 4 days, and13 hours later (no, didn't keep track-and now I can smile about it) she was matted and the purplish gray color that black fades out to. The first words from the vet when I took her in was "why did you dye her" and I explained the situation asking how will the dye affect Xena. The vet told me, "if you have the dye box, I can tell you." I wanted to scream at the vet - groomer stated that it could take 2-5 years (YEARS) for the dye come out of her skin & hair. Due to the problems she developed, itching until she scratched herself raw - I have tried steroids, cortozone, Benedryl, special shampoos - anything the vet recommended - to no avail. I tried my fall back - apple cider vinegar rubs - which give her a "few minutes" relief. A few weeks ago, someone mentioned The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth - so I checked it out - I could put it over their kibble as I have pups from 2-11 years of age in the house - and it was all natural ingredients - no chemicals, NO DYES, which seem to escalates the skin issues Xena has due to human dye used on her. In two weeks, yes Xena still itches but not half as much as she was - and her skin is HEALING ... Thank you Honest Kitchen because I have been adding Bone Broth to all the pups kibble (only have one who doesn't like it but she doesn't like anything) and with the dehydrated, as a treat a few days a week, I know they are getting enough protein. The older pups are more active than they were and hoping that it will reverse some of the problems the eldest pup has ... time will tell as he will be 12 in March - but that will be another story. Right now, I am recommending The Honest Kitchen to everyone with animals. I cannot thank you enough.
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