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Carpathian Shepherd — Age 8
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I am so pleased to see my dog finally eat with appetite and having nice bowel movements that I had to write. Since I brought him home I struggled to find an adequate food for him. He was raised on raw food and I tried good quality raw, then high quality grain free kibbles, cooked chicken...he always ended up having diarrhea after a few days. He also didn't seem to be very interested in his food.
Not knowing what to feed him any more I wandered around clueless in a pet store and read labels, looked at all what was offered and finally decided to try the grain free base. I liked the idea that I could add whatever meat I wanted. I decided to slow cook some beef, that I added to the mix. I also added probiotics and coconut oil. It was such a great surprise and relief to see him gobble it all up and having state of the art bowel movements! It has been 10 days now and ALL IS GOOD! Happy dog - happy "mom"!
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