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Yong Bao

Shar Pei — Age 5
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Yong Bao getting acupuncture.
Yong Bao came to me from a dog pound in Ohio. She had no hair on her legs or back when I found her. And she smelled. Boy, did she smell. She itched all the time. She had a plethora of health issues along with her skin but the vet did determine that the skin was at least partially caused by a flea allergy. Once we took care of that though, she still itched and scratched and stunk and had bald areas. I put her on high quality lamb and rice kibble--the quintessential allergy combo--but it didn't help.

Finally I read about honest kitchen. I had already talked to vets, different 'experts' at the pet stores, other pet owners, and so I just didn't have it in me to wade through all the choices on The Honest Kitchen website. I called their customer service and spoke with someone about Yong. I told her she was itching and that she was a shar pei, and I told her about all the things i'd tried. She recommended a grain free food. That was the first I had heard of grain free. This was probably 9 yrs ago so maybe it wasn't very popular then or maybe my research wasn't very good. I was willing to try anything at this point though. I got some sample packets and mixed up the food. I looked at it and thought "my dogs will never eat this!" I was wrong. They loved it!

One week after being on honest kitchen, Yong stopped scratching. She still licked her feet but even that stopped after one month. Her coat grew back everywhere except by her tail where it remained thin. Her lower legs had no hair when I first got her but after Honest Kitchen she developed a lush coat on her legs and no longer had to wear socks to keep warm! She didn't smell bad anymore. She didn't have to take Benadryl anymore.

Nowadays I'm so relieved to have a food that I don't have to worry about, especially with all the problems in recent years from Chinese products. I still receive notices about all the recalls but it doesn't matter because I know that Honest Kitchen is human grade and likely even more complete nutritionally than anything I could cook for my furry family.
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