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Poodle — Age 10
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Yuki says 'I think I'm definitely cuter'
I got Yuki from a rescue who says she grew up at an illegal puppymill that was forced to release all of their dogs. When I first met her, she was a surprisingly happy dog and followed me around immediately like we were old friends. I think due to her rough past, her stomach is very sensitive to all sorts of foods. I started on her just regular dry dog food and learned quickly that was not fun for her or me as she was very gassy all the time! We switched over to a raw diet but then quickly went off it as our vet cautioned us regarding the safety and issues that could arise quickly with poor quality raw products. So finally we switched to Honest Kitchen and Yuki has been a happy camper ever since! No more gas, and good solid #2s! I feel good feeling her Honest kitchen, and I just think after such a rough start, all dogs should deserve the royal treatment for the rest of their lives =)
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