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Poodle — Age 2
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Thank you Honest Kitchen!
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One of the first symptoms before she was diagnosed - loss of pigment.
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After diagnosis and treatment, pigment began to slowly return to her lips.
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Before remission, her entire muzzle became a scab. At her worst here.
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She's relapsed once, but with love and care we'll keep her healthy.
Around Memorial Day, 2013, Zelda began to non-stop lick her nose which looked raw. Closer inspection showed that her once shiny black lips were completely pink! Thinking she was allergic to something, the vet prescribed an antibiotic and benedryl but when her condition worsened, she was referred to a dermatologist. A second, stronger antibiotic was prescribed as was a dose of prednisone. That seemed to help for awhile, but her condition went from bad to worse once the prednisone wore off. It was after 2 weeks of antibiotics with no change that her vet ordered a biopsy of her nose and lip.

The diagnosis: Uveodermatologic Syndrome (a/k/a "VKH"). A follow up eye exam confirmed the diagnosis - Zelda's eyes showed interior inflammation (the whites of her eyes were hard to see at that point). This disease attacks pigment of nose, lips, eyelids, pads of feet, but the most harmful affects are of the eyes (left untreated, it will lead to blindness). Fortunately for Zelda, her autoimmune disorder was diagnosed relatively quickly - saving her eyesight for now, and her pigment has nearly returned to normal but will never be as black as it should be. She will be on immunosuppressive drugs for life, making her more vulnerable to viruses, bacteria.

It's been recommended to me that her diet be modified to exclude chicken (she's always been a raw-fed pup). This was a challenge at first because chicken was always the main food in her diet, and is found in one form or another in most commercial dog foods. On top of that, other raw meats and fish are much more expensive than chicken.

And then we discovered The Honest Kitchen! Zeal, Keen, and Love are perfect for Zelda's diet. I can add raw turkey, beef or whitefish, or just feed as is. I just purchased Preference so I can also add raw meat or fish. What I love most is the variety, the grain-free and gluten-free options as well.

The Honest Kitchen is the perfect diet solution for Zelda. We can't thank you enough!
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