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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 4
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Story picture
The dreaded cone of shame when she was at her worst (late December, 2014)
Story picture
The only picture "before" where you can see her sores (late February, 2015)
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A close-up of the only before shot where you can see some of Zero's sores
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Zero all healed and one happy, well-fed pup! (early April, 2015)

I’ve had dogs my whole life and never had food issues until recently. I’ve had Zero for a over 3 years but in the last few months, she developed what we discovered were food allergies. At one point it became so bad we had to put the cone of shame on her to keep her from licking her belly and hind legs. She had developed wounds and sore spots from licking and scratching so much. The cone was the only way we could help her stop long enough to heal and she had to wear it for over 2 weeks. Shortly after healing, the cone came off and within a few weeks she started up with the licking and scratching, again developing sores on her legs and belly.

When I found The Honest Kitchen’s food and gave it a try, I was hopeful it would help her, but I had no idea how fast or the impact it would make. Because we didn't know what she was allergic to, I decided to try a grain-free recipe. Within 3 days after beginning to feed her Love, she’d stopped licking and itching completely. I thought it was way too soon and I must just be imagining it, but my husband came home from a trip and also noticed she was doing better. In only a week the raw spots began to heal, and within a month she was completely better. I now wish I had thought to try this food sooner and save her the suffering from her former food(s).

Both of our dogs now jump with excitement when they see the boxes of Love or Embark come out, and they both lick their bowls clean after each meal (before jumping to the other bowl to make sure no food was missed by their partner in crime!). Their coats are the softest they've ever been and even though we didn't think it was at all possible, they have even more energy than before!

Thank you, The Honest Kitchen!
Nicole & Nick, Zero & Mika

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