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Chihuahua — Age 8
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Even the tear stains went away!
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I’m a foster mom. And also a proud foster fail! I had a chihuahua mix by the name of Willow come to me when she was about to have two beautiful puppies. She was in such horrible shape. She has periodontal disease that is so bad that she has to get her teeth removed. Her coat was awful. I hate to say it but I think an old used up broom felt better to the touch. The food the shelter was giving me to feed her just wasn’t cutting it. So I switched her over to the honest kitchen. It was perfect for her!! Not only was she able to eat it with easy (I make it a little more runny for her as she has a hard time eating it if it’s more solid) but her coat changed tremendously!!! Her coat is softer and whiter than I could ever anticipated. I know I owe this transformation to the diet change. She’s now a happy girl that is incredibly healthy!
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