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Great Dane — Age 2
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She carries her own stuff

As you can see when I adopted Willow she wasn't doing very well in the shelter. The minuet I saw her I knew she needed to get out. She was super anxious and they had her on 4 trazodone a day(which is way too much). Poor girl was a zombie and wasn't really eating because she was nervous and terrified. So finally we got her home, but she still wouldn't really eat her kibble and she was having digestive issues. This is when I found Honest Kitchen. At first I used the pre made meal toppers and treats to entice her to eat. Now not only does she eat but she loves it so much. I also get the dehydrate food. I mix it and put it in toys then freeze for a nice treat to give her when she has to spend some time alone. This has been amazing i am seeing huge strides in her separation anxiety with this reward system. Now willow only gets 1 trazodone as needed, which now is hardly every. Willow was also 55 pounds when I got her. She now weighs about 75 pounds, granted they told me she was a year but she was defiantly and underweight puppy when I go her. I don't think that she would have been able to gain this weight if i wasn't for honest kitchen. I tried so many foods, but Willow only really like dehydrated and raw food, but being a college student raw isn't really feasible. I am so happy that honest kitchen makes this food that she will eat that I know is good for her. We are super active as well and do a lot of backpacking. I found that honest kitchen is the best for backpacking. It is much lighter than other foods, with more calories packed in. She is also much fuller with the honest kitchen dehydrated food as well(chicken is her favorite). Next year we are going to through hike the Appalachian trail together, and we definably will be taking honest kitchen all the way. This is how I ordinal found the Honest Kitchen, I was looking up good backpacking foods for dogs. We are super excited, this adventure would be almost impossible if we couldnt take the dehydrated food with us.

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