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Bull Terrier — Age 6
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HoHoHo mom.... Now take this of.

I have had my Miniature Bull Terrier since he was 6 months old. I had had him on kibble since the day I picked him up from the airport, and at first he was perfectly fine. About 2 years ago, I noticed he had started shaking his head more and the yeast smell coming out of his ears was awful. I also noticed he had dandruff; it wasn't horrible, but it was noticeable and made his coat look dull. I tried EVERYTHING to cure his ears, but nothing worked. I was reading several blogs about the issue and noticed everyone that had previously had the same issues had cured it with changing their dogs diet. I can't afford to feed raw like everyone suggested, and I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever be able to cure Wilson's ears and skin. Then I stumbled upon The Honest Kitchen. I pondered the decision to switch for about a month (mainly because of the price), and then finally decided to go for it. I bought the 10 lb box of Thrive and crossed my fingers. Wilson is about halfway through the box, and I have already noticed a major difference in his ears and skin. The dandruff is almost completely gone, and his ears have gotten much better. He started shaking his head so I cleaned out his ears and the difference was unbelievable. I used to use an entire handful of Q-tips and cotton balls to clean out his ears, and had to put cleaner in each ear at least twice to get them completely clean. Not this time! 4 Q-tips for each ear and they were CLEAN! I have noticed Wilson seems to have lost interest in the Thrive. I am sure it is only because he has not eaten kibble with chicken in it in the past (we learned the hard way he does not like turkey). He has always had beef, pork, lamb, and some duck to add some excitement. I am planning on changing to either the Hope or Spruce since it is more along the lines of his normal protein. I am so happy to have found The Honest Kitchen, and I cannot wait to see how the continued use benefits Wilson.

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  1. Dehydrated - Limited Ingredient Chicken Recipe (Thrive)

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