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Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier — Age 10
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Zoe who’s nickname is “Zoebear” we have owned since she was 9 weeks of age and she is now 10. When she turned 2 she started to develop the itchies. We literally tried everything under the sun to help our girl. Foods, supplements, allergy injections, shampoos. She was finally diagnosed with a auto immune disease systemically related to her skin. The vet put her on a very, very low dose of thyroid meds and prednisone. Zoe did improve, but almost a year later she started with the itchies again and watery eyes. My sister feeds the honest kitchen and I thought ok, let’s try. We have a mini schnauzer who had 19 teeth pulled in January of 2020 and I needed a new food for her anyway to make her life easier. We purchased the limited ingredient fish mix and both dogs fell in love. Guess what? So did I when the itchies went away on our wheaten terrier. They are both thriving, more energetic, and just can’t get enough of this wholesome food.. Next step is to call the vet to try and wean her off the prednisone. Thank you THK

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