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Other (dog) — Age 2
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Our Girl Zoey is a 2 year old Husky mix. In winter of 2021 she went for emergency surgery due to stomach ulcers. We were in complete shock and prayed she would make it through surgery. Thanks to her strength and our amazing veterinarian she pulled through. After that she was put on a low fat diet. She strictly ate chicken and rice for many weeks until her stomach healed. I searched for a better dog food that would be good for her diet and her overall health. After a lot of research on kibble I was absolutely appalled in what companies were able to put into their dog food! So I went full search mode to find the best dog food I could find. I came across the Honest Kitchen and read so many positive reviews! So I moved forward and placed my first order! And you know what... I'm a happy Customer! Zoey and her Big Brother Tank are so happy to eat their meals now. They love the kibble and I use the dehydrated food as a topper on one of their feedings.

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