9 Tricks for Getting Your Cat to Lose Weight

It’s surprisingly easy for a cat to pack on the pounds; getting the weight off is another matter.

Once that extra fat is there simply cutting back your cat’s food probably won’t be enough to do the trick, so here are some tips for moving the process along.

Hide Her Meals

Movement is an important key for getting your cat to burn calories. If your little furball is too lazy to play, try hiding her food around the house at mealtime. That way she’ll be forced to seek and jumpstart her metabolism.

Use a Treat Toy

Cats aren’t afraid to work for treats. Buy or make a treat dispenser for your cat that’ll make her have to put a little effort into tasting it. A leftover toilet paper roll is a great way to hide a treat. Just close one end of the roll and place food inside, then let your feline get to work trying to pull it back out.

Spread Out Meals

Like humans, cats can actually do better on smaller meals eaten more frequently throughout the day. Space out her food into six or seven mealtimes and increase her satiety. This way she’ll be less likely to gorge herself on one meal and beg you for food all day long.

Add Water

Adding water to your cat’s food can help keep her hydrated as well as make her feel full. She’ll feel stuffed after a meal and will be likely to eat smaller portions because of it.

Be Strategic

The best way to get your cat to exercise is to make it less optional. If you have multiple floors in your home place the litter box on the floor she spends the least amount of time on. That way she’ll be forced to go up and down the steps multiple times a day in order to relieve herself.

Play for 30 Minutes

Cats are, at heart, playful creatures. Use her natural instincts to hunt and play to your advantage. Grab a laser pointer or toy fishing pole and get your cat to move at least thirty minutes a day. You can spread it out in ten-minute periods to make it easier; movement is the key.

Go For a Walk

Dogs aren’t the only animals that can walk on a leash. Believe it or not some cats enjoy jaunts around the neighborhood. If your cat is tough enough to brave the outdoors, go ahead and buy a harness and leash and teach her to walk along the sidewalk with you. Just be cautious of other animals, especially dogs.

Switch to Lean Meats

Follow your vet’s advice when it comes to switching you cat’s diet. Ask her about potential lean meat options that might help her lose some weight. Sometimes a healthier, natural diet is the best way to cut out excessive fats that are causing her to pack on the pounds.

Make an Obstacle Course

If you’re not averse to labor intensive options and consider yourself handy with crafts and tools, consider making an obstacle course in your home. Build a course with ramps, climbing towers and short leaps that’ll get your cat to exercise. You can encourage him or her by placing treats along the course.

Meet the Author: Ben Kerns

Ben Kerns is a freelance writer, photographer and outdoor adventurer based out of San Diego. When he’s not busy working you can find him hopping across the world looking for new places to climb big rocks. He’s also fanatically obsessed with funding his outdoor obsessions for as little money as possible. This stuff gets expensive.

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