Can Dogs Eat Apples?

If you’ve ever wondered if dogs eat apples, we’re here to tell you that this delicious fruit can also be a great healthy snack for your pooch!

A great source of essential vitamins and nutrients, apples are also a wonderful source of fiber and can freshen your dog’s breath (well, at least for a little bit!). Apples are a favorite for humans and dogs alike—you can buy them anywhere, they’re affordable, and puppers can’t get enough of the sweet flavor.

But there are some things you’ll need to keep in mind to avoid potential problems. If you’re wondering how to safely feed apples to a dog, if there are any side effects and what health benefits to expect, read on!

What Health Benefits Do Apples Have for Dogs?

A canine’s diet should consist of a healthy mix of protein, healthy fats and essential fatty acids (such as Omega 3 and Omega 6), carbohydrates, and an array of vitamins and minerals. And when it comes to snacks, the healthier, the better!

Rich in vitamins A and C, minerals, and antioxidants, apples are also an excellent source of dietary fiber. Extra Vitamin C has a positive effect on your dog’s resilience to stress-related conditions and diseases. And Vitamin A helps promote a shiny coat and a healthy skin, as well as supporting overall health. As a source of dietary fiber, apples are a wonderful way to improve and preserve your dog’s gastrointestinal health.

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Can Dogs Eat Apples Without Any Side Effects?

Unless your dog is allergic to apples, your furry BFF will be fine eating the occasional apple slice. But there are certain things about the apple you should avoid:

Apple Cores: It’s not only because the seeds contain cyanide (a seed or two wouldn’t poison your dog, but why risk it), but because the tough center of the apple can be a choking hazard, particularly for small dogs.

Dehydrated Apples: Dried fruit is deceptive. Although it looks like a tiny snack, a pound of apples can fit inside of your palm when dehydrated. If your pooch has sensitivities, it could lead to an upset stomach.

In addition to removing apples seeds and core before feeding your dog some apple bites, it’s also important to take care of the quantities you’re giving them. Apples are supposed to be an occasional treat to a dog, and not a whole meal. To make sure your dog actually likes apples and that this fruit doesn’t bother their tiny tummy, start with a bite or two before progressing onto whole slices.

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How to Serve Apples to Your Dog

Because dogs can eat apples, you just core them, peel them, slice them, and let your happy pooch gobble them down. But if you want to get creative, take a look at these foods that incorporate apple goodness!

Dehydrated Grain Free Chicken Recipe: The Grain-Free Chicken formula also includes apples for easy digestibility and enhanced nutrient retention.

Dehydrated Grain Free Turkey Recipe: This recipe combines dehydrated cage-free turkey and antioxidant-rich produce for prime nutrient retention and superior digestibility.

Grain Free Chicken Whole Food Clusters: These 100% human grade clusters are made with real whole foods, mixed in small batches, cold-pressed, slow-roasted and dehydrated to maintain the nutrients, aroma and textures of whole foods.

Dehydrated Grain Free Fruit and Veggie Base Mix Recipe: With this antioxidant-rich selection of fruits, veggies, and nuts, all you need to do is add your choice of protein.

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