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Can Dogs Eat Apples? A Helpful Overview

If you’ve ever wondered if your dog can safely eat apples, we’re here to tell you that the answer is yes! Dogs can eat apples. This crunchy, delicious fruit is a great snack for your pup. Apples are a wonderful source of vitamins and fiber, can freshen your dog’s breath (at least for a little bit), and are affordable and widely available.;

However, there are some things you’ll need to keep in mind to avoid potential problems. Keep reading to learn how to safely feed apples to dogs, which health benefits to expect, and which apple parts to watch out for.

Why Are Apples Good for Dogs? The Health Benefits

Dogs can’t get enough of the sweet flavor and crunchy texture of apples, but that’s not the only reason you should consider adding them to your treat routine. Here are some qualities that make apples a dog-friendly snack:

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Full of Key Vitamins

Apples pack a punch with antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and K and minerals like potassium. Together, these nutrients promote shiny coats, healthy skin and eyes, and a strong immune system in your pup. Although dogs naturally create vitamin C in their body, the extra vitamin C may boost your dog’s resilience to stress-related conditions and diseases.

High in Fiber

Fiber is the fuel that keeps your dog’s gut happy, and apples are full of it. Even better, apples have high levels of soluble fiber. This type of fiber keeps your dog’s blood sugar under control — helpful for dogs with diabetes — and slows down digestion. So, eating apples is an excellent way to improve and preserve your dog’s gastrointestinal health.

Good for Weight Loss or Maintenance

Apples are a super filling snack, containing large amounts of fiber and water that keep your dog’s stomach satisfied for longer. They’re also low in calories, carbs, and fat, making them a perfect sweet treat for dogs on a weight loss plan.

Are Any Parts of the Apple Bad For A Dog?

There are certain parts of the apple that you shouldn’t let dogs eat, and you need to be extra cautious if you feed them dried apples — we’ll cover it all below.

Apple Seeds Are Toxic

Apple seeds contain very small amounts of cyanide. Eating a few apple seeds won’t poison your dog, but why risk it? Remove the seeds before you give your dog apples and there’s no need to worry.

Apple Cores Can Pose a Choking Hazard

The tough center of the apple may be a choking hazard, particularly for small dogs. It could get stuck in your dog’s throat or even cause an intestinal blockage. In addition, the apple seeds in the core pose their own health risks. So, core any apple you plan to serve your pup.

Dehydrated Apples Can Be Deceptive

Dried fruit can be tricky when it comes to portion size. What’s actually a pound of fresh apples can look like a tiny, palm-sized snack when it’s dehydrated. If your pooch has food sensitivities, too much dried apple could easily lead to an upset stomach. Make sure to read the serving size guide and serve an amount of dried apple that’s equal to one or two slices of fresh apple at a time.

Other FAQs About Dogs and Apples

As we’ve covered so far, your dog should be fine eating the occasional slice unless they have a food allergy to apples. Find quick answers to other frequently asked questions about dogs and apples.

Can Dogs Eat Apple Skins?

Yes, dogs can safely eat apple skins. They contain most of the fiber that’s in an apple, so if your dog is sensitive to fiber, you can simply peel them before serving.

Are There Any Apple Varieties That Dogs Can’t Eat?

The common apple varieties you can buy at the store should all be a safe choice for your dog. When in doubt, ask your veterinarian.

How Much Apple Should a Dog Eat in One Sitting?

Apples are supposed to be an occasional treat as part of a balanced diet, not a big meal. To make sure your dog actually likes apples and that they don’t bother their stomach, start with a bite or two before moving onto slices. In general, stick to one or two apple slices at most.

How to Serve Apples to Your Dog

If you want to keep things simple, just wash, core, deseed, and slice an apple, then let your pup chow down. As we covered earlier, peeling the apple is optional — see what your dog prefers.

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Want to get a little more creative? Freeze apple slices to make a sweet, icy snack or dive into our apple recipes for dogs, like this gluten-free apple loaf. Get the best of all worlds with these top-quality dog food products packed with apple goodness:

Health Disclaimer: This post is educational in nature and doesn’t constitute health advice. Please consult your pet's veterinarian or other healthcare professional for specific guidance on this topic.

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