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Goat Milk For Dogs: What You Need To Know

If you want to keep your dog healthy, then goat’s milk could be a fantastic way to ensure that they’re getting the nutrients they need to thrive.

Around the globe, goat's milk is consumed far more than cow's milk. Goats are smaller, easier to keep, and require far less space and feed than cows. Plus, goats will thrive on food that cows won't touch. But there is much more to goat's milk than the fact that goats are easier to keep.

Is Goat’s Milk Good For Your Dog?

Supporting the digestion of your dog through goat’s milk will boost nutrient absorption while also filtering out toxins.

1. Probiotics (More Preserved In Raw Goat’s Milk)

The benefits of probiotics are paramount in raw goat’s milk, as the nutrients are much more preserved and in an easy form for your dog to digest.

2. Good Source of Protein

Goat’s milk is a great source of protein, which helps to contribute to strong muscles and a healthy growth rate in younger dogs.

3. Contains Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, and Other Minerals

Goat’s milk contains a range of essential fatty acids. It also contains a huge amount of minerals and vitamins.

4. Calcium, Potassium, and Niacin

Some of the most prominent vitamins and minerals in goat’s milk include calcium, potassium and niacin. Calcium ensures that your dog’s teeth and bones are nice and strong.

Potential Risks of Goat Milk For Dogs (Especially When Raw

There are some risks to giving your dog raw goat’s milk, some of which can be found below.

Bacteria and Harmful Pathogens

Raw goat’s milk can contain pathogens which can make your dog sick, but there are ways for you to limit this.

Health of the goat impacts it’s quality of milk

If you source your goat’s milk from a reputable provider then this will help you to ensure that you are giving your dog the best possible source of nutrients and vitamins without the risk of pathogens.

Serving Sizes and Ways To Give Your Dog Goat’s Milk

The serving size you give your dog will depend on their nutritional requirements as well as their current size and weight.

Goat’s Milk By Itself

You can give goat’s milk by itself in a bowl, or you can get creative.

As A Nutritious Meal Topper

Goat’s milk will absorb itself into your dog’s food and can be used as a tasty topper.

Mixed Into Homemade Treats and Food Recipes

Baking treats with goat’s milk is also another very popular way for you to give your dog the nutritional boost they need.

Make Your Own Food with Goat's Milk!

Not only do we have Instant Goat Milk With Probiotics, but we also publish recipes utilizing it! Check out these awesome recipes to help show your dog the many benefits of goat's milk:

Health Disclaimer: This post is educational in nature and doesn’t constitute health advice. Please consult your pet's veterinarian or other healthcare professional for specific guidance on this topic.

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