Giving Back Through THK’s Pawlanthropy Program

Giving Back Through THK’s Pawlanthropy Program

The Barking Lot (TBL), an all-breed dog rescue located in San Diego, CA is dedicated to finding forever homes for many pups.

Last month 118 pups were adopted, which is an all-time record for TBL. Congratulations to all the great dogs that found their forever homes and to the whole Barking Lot crew for all their hard work! Barking Lot_Fat Herbie_Stacy

Photo: Fat Herbie, new to TBL, but with those sweet eyes I’m sure he won’t be up for adoption for long!

Stacy Parmer, founder of The Barking Lot states that "the seed for The Barking Lot was planted several years back when I took in my first foster dog, Patti Cake. It was my hope to make a difference by providing a home for one of my favorite furry friends." "Before I knew it, I was put on a rescue email list and received a message stating, 'this dog is to be put down on Tuesday at 3pm.' I was utterly horrified and jumped into action, trying to figure out how I could save her. Well save her I did and I’m glad to report Raspberry (my nephew named her) is living happily in Encinitas to this day! After getting her adopted, I thought, 'well, that wasn’t so tough.' And so it goes…5 years later and more than 3,000 dogs adopted into loving homes…we have The Barking Lot." Barking Lot_Kellogg

Photo: Kelogg, one of TBL’s official greeters. who's also up for adoption!

Stacy has been a great supporter of The Honest Kitchen and pushes the importance of good nutrition. Many animals come in with horrible skin conditions and/or severely malnourished. It’s with great joy that we're able to help give back and show our support through our Pawlanthropy program, the arm of The Honest Kitchen that focuses on charitable giving. Through this program we were able to make a special delivery with the help of THK co-woofer Ollie. Barking Lot_Ollie Delivery

Photo: Ollie, THK co-woofer making a special delivery! He hopes they enjoy the food as much as he does.

Barking Lot_Donation

Photo: 1,296 lbs (re-hydrated) of The Honest Kitchen's Revel dehydrated food.

A big thanks to The Barking Lot for all their hard work! If you'd like to learn more please visit

Christin Lynch

Christin Lynch served as The Honest Kitchen’s Social Responsibility Manager. She has an adorable pup named Ollie and 3 kitties named Kit Kat, Simba and Cheyenne. She has a strong passion for giving back, creating new recipes for her 2-legged and 4-legged co-workers and rolling around with dogs all day!
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