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Why Your Dog Should Take Probiotics

Probiotics are all the rage with humans.

But what about the benefit these microorganisms can bring for our canine companion? It may seem silly at first, but giving your dog a daily dose of probiotics can prevent disease, promote skin health, and ensure they're safeguarded against digestive troubles. Read on to find out more!

Probiotics May Prevent Disease

Mounting evidence suggests that a healthy balance of microbes in human intestines can reduce inflammation and prevent diseases. It’s not much of a leap to suggest that the same healthy balance in dogs might also prevent inflammation and disease.

Probiotics Promote Skin Health

For animals who have sensitive skin or experience regularly dry skin or rashes, probiotics (along with other supplements) can help to promote skin health. Ask your veterinarian if there's a daily regimen of probiotics, herbs, and oils that might work for your pup.

Probiotics Ease Stomach Issues

Whether your pup is prone to stomach issues or just has the occasional upset stomach, probiotics can ease loose stools that occur in stressful situations or that older dogs might experience as they age. They’re also excellent for puppies who may still have a sensitive stomach.

Probiotics Keep Your Dog “Regular”

If your dog experiences bouts of constipation due to diet, stress, medication, or dehydration, probiotics can quickly alleviate moderate constipation.

Probiotics Can Restore Balance After Antibiotics

In case you're unaware, antibiotics kill the good bacteria in human and dog guts alike. If your dog has recently been on antibiotics after a surgery or illness, it’s wise to give them a regular dose of probiotics to restore their gut flora. If you’re looking for a high-quality product complete with probiotics, be sure to try The Honest Kitchen’s Instant Goat’s Milk. This tasty supplement promotes immune and gut health naturally.

Types of Probiotics

You can find pet probiotics in our Instant Goat's Milk, added to food, in pill form, and even in treats. Talk to your vet concerning which probiotics are right for your pet.

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