Why Cats are Therapeutic for Seniors

Why Cats are Therapeutic for Seniors

Seniors and cats—the perfect pairing!

Cats offer therapeutic benefits on a daily basis. Not only do they bring us joy, laughter and comfort, cats keep you company when you’re alone. The best part about having a cat is the unconditional love that’s always available. For seniors, cats can be the perfect partner—and the benefits go both ways.

Health Benefits for Seniors

Cats provide a host of health benefits—they can help lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, relieve stress, and improve mental health. Seniors who live with a cat feel mentally, emotionally, and physically better. You know how content you feel after a cat curls up on your lap and starts to purr. This contentment helps to heal the human body. Petting a cat helps you feel calm and reduces feelings of anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

A Kitty to Care For

An empty nest can also mean a lonely home. Once the kids have grown and are busy raising families of their own, seniors are often left feeling alone. They can benefit from having someone to care for, and a cat could be the perfect solution. A companion animal offers seniors a positive daily responsibility that keeps them alert and active. A cat can provide people with a sense of purpose. If you know a senior who lives alone, a cat is the ideal solution—seniors have an adorable companion to look after, meaning they’ll be less likely to become bored, depressed or lonely.

Easy to Care For

Compared to dogs, cats are relatively low maintenance pets. An indoor cat doesn’t need to go outside for a bathroom break, nor do they need long walks to tire them out. They’re easily entertained by toys, and a kitty litter tray is simple to keep clean. All they ask for is a warm lap, where they are content to simply being near their owners, purring and being petted.

Choosing the Right Cat

Even though kittens are cute, your best bet when helping to choose a cat for a senior is to adopt an older or adult feline. Visit your local shelter, as adult cats are always looking for homes. These cats are calmer and just as sweet and loving as kittens, but they have already been trained, have less energy, and already have established personalities. Besides, older cats usually have a harder time finding a forever home, so you’re helping to save lives. Because we know how much pets offer seniors in terms of health benefits, there are services available that will help seniors care for their cats. Mobile services provide transportation to vet offices for exams and treatments—a wonderful solution for seniors who can no longer drive. Cats make perfect pets for people of all ages, but even more so for the elderly. These pets help improve a senior’s quality of life, and they can bring endless amounts of happiness and love into any home.

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