Winston White Corgi Dog Beach Tips

Winston the White Corgi's Tips for a Perfect Beach Day

I love the beach. I mean, I LOVE the beach!

It's truly one of my favorite things to do. Living in Los Angeles where temperatures are in the 70s year-round, I am fortunate to be able to go to the beach pretty much any time of the year (sorry, East Coast-ers! Don't mean to rub it in!). The first time I ever stepped foot on a beach was during a day trip to Santa Barbara in February 2013. I was just shy of 7 months old, and once I got all my vaccinations my parents were excited to take me to Arroyo Burro dog beach in Santa Barbara. At that young age, the big body of water seemed so scary! My parents kept throwing my favorite ball to where the waves were crashing, and I tried my best to retrieve it but sometimes the waves took it with them and my dad had to help me out. After that, however, I became more confident and quickly developed an affection for the beach and the ocean. Now, when we are close to the beach and my parents roll down the windows in the car, my heart races while my nose wiggles uncontrollably because I know EXACTLY where we're headed! Winston White Corgi But like with anything, thoughtful preparation makes for the happiest days spent at the beach. Here are my tips for experiencing the perfect beach day:

    There's a reason why moms shove food into their kids' mouths as they're running out of the house late for school - breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Because I'm about to spend hours fetching the ball, chasing other dogs, and playing in the water, my parents make sure to load up with a hearty, nutritious meal like Honest Kitchen before heading out of the house. Winston's Favorite: The Honest Kitchen's Grain Free Turkey Recipe

    The first few times I went to the beach, I couldn't differentiate drinking water from the ocean water so those trips were always ruined with a bad case of post-outing beach diarrhea. Despite my parents' attempts to persuade me otherwise, initially I would drink more salt water than I should have! I quickly learned not to drink the salt water, and now my parents always make sure to give me a break away from the ocean every 30-40 minutes by pulling out a collapsible water bowl and providing me clean, drinking water. We like to use this Popware for Pets bowl because it has a hole for us to hook it onto the leash using a carabiner. Please remember that we dogs need frequent potty breaks afterwards (in case we have a long drive home!) Winston's Favorite: Dexas Popware for Pets Collapsible Travel Cup/Bowl, Large, by Popware for Pets Collapsible dog bowl

    We hardly spend our time sitting, but these come in handy when we need to leave and I am basically sand-crusted all over my body! My parents use these to dust off most of the sand and line the back seat of the car, so that I can sit back there and not ruin the upholstery!

    Occasional breaks out of the sun are needed, especially if I plan to enjoy a long amount of time playing on the beach! Sport-Brella is one type of shade-providing equipment I highly recommend that will surely help you to enjoy a long day at the beach! Winston's Favorite: Sport-Brella Umbrella

    Any ball will make for a great day at the beach, but I get especially excited when my parents pull out the Chuckit! launcher with the Ultra Ball. They bring the rubber one because that is easy to wash off and clean after our sandy fetch sessions. Winston's Favorite: Chuckit! Sport 14S Launcher, Use with Chuckit! Ultra Ball, 2-inch Small (Rubber)

    Many dogs are naturally great swimmers, as they move effortlessly through the water. For me, my body type makes it so that I need... let's just say, a little assistance! That's why I love the Kyjen swim vest because it supports me well, and has handles on the top in case my parents need to fish me out of the strong waves! I weigh 30 pounds, and wear a size Medium. Winston's Favorite: Kyjen Outward Hound 2518 Dog Life Jacket, Medium, Orange

    This all-natural, wax-based cream protects my paws not only from harsh surfaces but also hot sand. I love that after a beach day, my callous paws are all smoothed out, but this wax is needed to prevent painful abrasions, burning, drying and cracking. You can also use this for hiking, which I also do frequently living in Los Angeles. Winston's Favorite: Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax

    After several hours at the beach, I will have worked off many calories so my parents always make sure to feed me a nice, warm meal after I get bathed and before I knock out for the evening! Again, I only eat Honest Kitchen for a nutritious post-outing meal. Winston's Favorite: The Honest Kitchen's Grain Free Fish Recipe

The most important tip to enjoy your time at the beach is to enjoy it with the ones you love. When we prepare well and I am with family and friends I love, going to the beach can be the best experience a pup can ever have!

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