6 Reasons to Crate Train Your Puppy

6 Reasons to Crate Train Your Puppy

Want to avoid your puppy roaming the house destroying things? Crate training is your answer.

How exciting! You're bringing home a new puppy—congratulations! This is the perfect time to start thinking about crate training. It can be the best thing for both you and your pup. From a welcoming, safe den, to an important house training tool, there are plenty of reasons why crates can be a life (and carpet) saver. It's important to note that you shouldn't keep your dog in a crate all day while you're away at work. Also, crate training shouldn't be used as a punishment. When used properly, a crate can be an effective training tool and your dog's fortress of comfort and solitude. Here are just six reasons why you should consider crate training your puppy:

House training

Since dogs don't like to do their business in the same place they sleep, they will instinctively hold it until they can get out. For this reason alone, crate training is one of the most important tools in your housebreaking arsenal. By using a crate, you'll be teaching your puppy where it’s acceptable to go to the bathroom (outside) and where it isn't (inside).


To a puppy, pretty much anything at mouth level is fair game to be chewed. If you want to keep your furniture and expensive shoes in one piece, use a crate. When your puppy is hanging out in his crate, give him the toys you want him to chew on. This method will teach him to gnaw on the toys we give—crate training is a great way to help establish good habits and prevent destructive ones that can be hard to break.

Their own den

Dogs are den animals, and their crate can become a safe and secure place to call their own. When your pooch is tired, scared, overwhelmed or not feeling well, he can retreat to the comfort of his crate for some alone time.

Separation anxiety

If your dog doesn't like being at home alone or is scared of loud noises (like thunderstorms) he's in jeopardy of suffering from separation anxiety. When you use the crate properly, it can help reduce your puppy’s chances of developing separation anxiety. He'll come to think of the crate of a relaxing retreat—a place that's calm, can keep him out of trouble and train him to appreciate alone time. Please remember that your puppy or dog shouldn’t be left in a crate all day if you work outside the home.

Better safe than sorry

You can't keep an eye on your puppy 24 hours a day, and your house may be full of items that aren't safe for him. By using the crate, you're helping to keep your innocent puppy safely away from dangerous household items. The crate can prevent the chewing of wires, ingesting poisons or eating foreign objects that aren't meant for a puppy or dog.


If you're going on vacation or just down the road to the vet, a crate is a safe and effective way to transport your pup. As well, driving can be scary or can overexcite your dog. By keeping him in his secured crate, you'll ensure his safety—and everyone else who may be traveling with you.

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