And They Called it Puppy Love: Things You Forgot About Raising a Puppy

And They Called it Puppy Love: Things You Forgot About Raising a Puppy

Puppies are so cute!

But once your puppy has grown into an adult dog, you might have forgotten that your giant lap dog once fit in the palm of your hand. Here are a few things adult dog owners can get nostalgic over.

Clumsy Balls of Fur

Puppies really are just about the cutest things on earth. Sure they grow up to be your best friend, your buddy for life and companion through thick and thin, but oh that puppy stage is special. They fall down cute, they nibble on your ear cute and when they bark, man is that cute or what? There is however a few things about puppyhood we tend to forget, especially if we’re thinking of getting another one and it’s been a while since the last one.

Shopping for Two

There is shopping to do once you're a dog owner. You’re going at least want a bed for the little guy, a food and water bowl, along with puppy food, a leash and enough chew toys to keep him or her from chewing your stuff and that’s just the first day. Remember this is a puppy, kind of like a baby, so he or she is not quite ready to finish off your rib-eye steak. Quality Puppy food is a must so you better be ready.

Your New Favorite Word

If you ever raised a kid, you will remember saying “No” about 300,000 times—and that was just the first year. Well get used to it again as that will be the most repeated word in your household for quite a while to come. Puppies do wise up quicker than some kids, at last quicker than mine did, but then the dreaded teenager years kick in. With dogs those teenager attitudes come a little quicker, like 13 weeks or so, but at least the dog can’t respond with, “Whatever.”

Oh What a Night

The first day is special when you two first meet and start bonding. The first night is special too when neither of you gets a wink of sleep. Puppies tend to cry their first night away from Mom and that is of course understandable. The poor little guy is scared and once you doze off, he feels alone for the first time. Placing your new dog in a kennel in the home is a great idea, especially if you plan to kennel your pup while away at work. It is best if he or she gets used to it right away. If you plan on not allowing your pup to sleep on your bed, don’t start him off that way, no matter how sad the crying makes you.
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What’s a Piddle Amongst Friends?

Potty-training a dog is quite a chore and we would never presume to tell you how to do it. We do know however, that you will have to do it so until you and your dog succeed you will have piddles and/or puddles to deal with. Your pup, just like you, didn’t just show up potty-trained or house broken, so there will be accidents. Hyper puppies tend to piddle which is a nice way of saying they will pee a bit at the drop of a hat. Hopefully that hat won’t drop on your precious white carpet, but if you are concerned, remember to plan accordingly.

What Chew Looking At?

Puppies like to chew. That’s like saying people like to breathe. It’s sort of in their DNA, so plan on obliging them. Chew toys are much better than your slipper, your nice new tennis shoes, or anything else they can get their cute little paws on. They will chew your ankles, your fingers, your ears and your hair. While it may be cute now, it’s not so fun when they weigh over 100 pounds and everything you own is chewed up. This is one trait you need to nip in the bud as soon as possible. Either that or start a new fashion trend sporting chewed up shoes.

Who’s the Popular One Now?

If you don’t care to make new friends, don’t take your new puppy anywhere. No one, and we do mean no one, can resist petting a puppy. Get used to your walks taking a while longer than before as everybody just has to stop and say, “Hi.” This is not to suggest getting a puppy as a way to meet guys or girls, but you have to admit, it is a great side benefit.

And They Called it Puppy Love

Puppyhood is special so enjoy this time together. If I could somehow make a dog stay forever a puppy, I’d make a fortune. All stages of your dog’s life will be special, but the puppy stage is so short so you have to make sure and appreciate every moment. Don’t get upset over that piddle, that puddle, or that chewed up pair of $150 sneakers that you can never use again. You can always clean the carpet or buy a new pair of shoes, but that cute little puppy will grow up before you know it.

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